Sound Design


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I am a Finnish/Canadian sound designer based in London and working on projects ranging from smaller innovative indie films to higher budget features all the way through to high end TV drama and commercials.


I believe sound is an integral part of the storytelling process going way beyond just making things sound good and approach each project with an open mind, attention to detail and a desire to help tell the story, enhance the audience's experience and support the director's vision.

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After winning several awards for my sound work on short film Food for Thought in 2017 (including  the Music + Sound Award for Best Sound)  I am very thrilled to have now been nominated for Best Sound at the 2018 Finnish Film Academy Jussi Awards (Bafta/Oscars equivalent in Finland) for feature film Thick Lashes of Lauri Maäntyvaara!


I will also be attending this year's Berlinale Talent Campus after having been selected to participate in this year's edition.